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3D Graphics:
DOS 13h
3D Studio MAX

Other Interests:
Artificial Intelligence
Music Composition
Web Utilities

Traditional Resume
University Transcript


My Company:
Xona Games
- Domain Hacks
- Duality ZF
- Score Rush
- Decimation X

Jason Doucette
Genesta Doucette

Traditional Resume

Permanent Address

Matthew Doucette
P.O. Box 75, Arcadia
Yarmouth County
Nova Scotia, Canada
B0W 1B0

ICQ:   2-209-248
MSN / Live Messenger:  
Social Networks:   Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,
Phone:   (please email first)

(Please respect the fact that I cannot release my phone number
due to my tech-support related Internet presence at

Resume Objective

I want to become a video game programmer / video game designer. (Update: I have done this!)

I am skilled at optimized real-time graphics programming. These skills are useful in programs requiring interactive graphics, from video games to virtual reality simulations. In addition, these skills are useful in non-real-time or pre-rendered graphic engines. I am interested in applying my skills and knowledge to any of the aforementioned fields.

My strongest interest is developing video games (game programming and game designing). My optimization skills could be best showcased on a Gameboy Advance or PDA video game, due to their strict limitations. I enjoy making a computer do what it seemingly cannot do.

Other game-related skills include artificial intelligence programming, tracker-style music composing, 3D graphics designing and modeling, and 2D graphics designing. I understand all aspects of video games. I enjoy them from a gamer's and a programmer's point of view. I can analyze them and identify their precise problems, even commonly misunderstood user interface issues.

My ultimate objective is to own and operate my own video game development company and implement my own ideas into a groundbreaking, revolutionary video game. (Update: I have done this!)

I can also program complicated Internet applications, build professional web pages, and build strong web presences.

Educational Institutions

Education Competitions

Grade 12

Chemical Institute of Canada
Special Merit Award
Pin for excellent performance

Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)
1993 CAP High School Physics Prize Competition
(Under the direction of Dr. Douglas Dahn , Department of Physics , University of Prince Edward Island )
Placed 10th in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island out of 423 students
Award = $60.00
Certificate of Merit

American Mathematics Competitions
Score = 80

Canadian Mathematics Competition (Euclid Contest 1993)
Score = 62
Placed in the top 7% in Canada
Certificate of Distinction

Nova Scotia Achievement Test
(Percentile Rank shows the percentage of students who did less well than you on the test. 99% is the highest)
99th percentile in Math Applications
98th percentile in Math Essentials
96th percentile in Science

Grade 11

Canadian Mathematics Competition (Fermat Contest )
Score = 107
18th in Nova Scotia out of 1033 students
Placed in 95th percentile in Canada
1992 Nova Scotia Provincial Honour Roll
Certificate of Distinction

Canadian Mathematics Competition (Euclid Contest, Grade 12 test)
Score = 48
59th in Nova Scotia
Placed in the top 3% in Canada
Certificate of Distinction

American Mathematics Competitions
Score = 75

Grade 10

Canadian Mathematics Competition (Cayley Contest )
Certificate of Distinction
Placed in the top 15% in Canada

Grade 9

Canadian Mathematics Competition (Pascal Contest )
Placed in the top 25% in Canada
3rd highest in Yarmouth High & Maple Grove
Score = 75
Certificate of Distinction

Nova Scotia Achievement Test
(Percentile Rank shows the percentage of students who did less well than you on the test. 99% is the highest)
98th percentile in Science
98th percentile in Math Basic Concepts
89th percentile in Math Computation


Canadian National Mathematics League
Certificate of Merit

Work Experience

July 2008 - Present

Xona Games

Co-Founder & Game Producer.
Xona Games is an award winning, team of two, indie games studio. We make intense retro games for Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and soon Nintendo Wii.

July 2004 - Present

Worked on™, a technology blog. Within one year,™ has received 500,000 raw page views.™ is my second priority, behind Project X.

January 2003 - Present

Project X

Working on a revolutionary and innovative computer technology. More details to come.

September 2000 - December 2003

PPI Web Hosting
P.O. Box 75
Arcadia, Nova Scotia
Canada, B0W 1B0

Founded a highly professional web hosting company. Purpose was to fund Project X.

May 1999 - August 2000

Saw Tooth Distortion™
P.O. Box 75
Arcadia, Nova Scotia
Canada, B0W 1B0

Worked as a developer on an interactive entertainment software (video game) project, Evolutionary Prototype™.

Summer of 1998

University College of Cape Breton
P.O. Box 5300
Syndey, Nova Scotia
Canada, B1P 6L2

Student Internet Worker.
(Yarmouth Community Network)

Redeveloped website from scratch. Taught members computer skill ranging from basic skills to website development.

Summer of 1997

University College of Cape Breton
P.O. Box 5300
Syndey, Nova Scotia
Canada, B1P 6L2

Student Internet Worker.
(Argyle Area Community Network)

System Administrator for their Community Access Program Site. Set up Windows NT 4.0 Server. Developed website from scratch. Maintained Windows 95 Workstation computers. Aided and trained community with basic computer and Internet skills.

Summers of 1993 and 1996

Yarmouth Town & County Crime Prevention Association
703 Main Street
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 1K7
(902) 742-8777

Video taped people's valuables for insurance purposes, for the Yarmouth Town and County Crime Prevention Association and the R.C.M.P. (Operation Video-Dent)

Summer of 1995

Yarmouth Regional Housing Authority
368 Main Street, Suite 206
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 1E9
(902) 742-4369

Computer Programmer.
Reprogrammed Yarmouth Regional Housing Authority’s Work Order data base program from scratch in CA-dBFast 2.0. Appended additional applications and features. Optimized lengthy searches by developing functions to replace dbFast's, slower, default functions.

Summers of 1991 and 1992

Novus The Glassman
P.O. Box 75, Arcadia
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
B0W 1B0
(902) 742-2031

Casual Laborer.
Glass and vinyl roof installation, painting, taking phone messages. Also helped build dream house and barn.

School Years 1991-1992 and 1992-1993

Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School
52 Parade Street
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 3A9
(902) 742-7831

Math Tutor.
Tutored four high school math students once or twice a week.


Family Project
Bell Neck
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
(902) 648-0019

Construction Worker.
Helped build dream house and barn. Massive project. Approximately 11,000 square feet of timber frame construction built from scratch. Every piece of wood passed through our own portable sawmill. It won first place in Wood-Mizer's Personal Best (alternate link to same story) national competition for "Homes & Major Structures". It was also showcased in CBC News' "Home Sweet Home" segment.

Extracurricular Activities

Computer programming (real-time graphics, photorealistic graphics, artificial intelligence, video games, etc.), basketball, member of Defining Bodies (weightlifting/bodybuilding), music composing, games (chess, Othello/Reversi, video games, etc.), reading (computer theories/algorithms, theoretical physics (Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, etc.), success, nutrition, etc.)

Computer Related Skills

Main Areas of Interest:

Programming Languages:


  • Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP, 2000, NT, Vista, 7, etc.
  • MS-DOS
  • UNIX
  • Macintosh
  • X-Windows


  • Windows 95, 98, XP, NT 4.0, etc.

Specific Programs:

  • Word processors: (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Easy Writer, PerfectWorks)
  • Databases: (Dbase, Microsoft Access)
  • SpreadSheets: (Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123)
  • Utility/Maintenance: (Norton Utilities, PC-Tools, ScanDisk, Defrag/Disk Defragmenter)
  • Graphic Design: (CorelDraw, Display, Paint Shop Pro, Xara Webster, GIF Construction Set, Adobe Photoshop)
  • Music Composition: (Fruity Loops, Fast Tracker, ReBirth RB-338, Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker)
  • Sound Engineering: (Cool Edit, WaveLab, Audiograbber, Audacity, etc.)
  • E-mail: (Pegasus, Eudora, Netscape, Pine, Elm, Gmail, etc.)
  • Internet: (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Reachout, Forté Free Agent, Telnet, WS-FTP, CuteFTP, Gopher, Etc.)
  • Internet Chat: (ICQ, IRC, Visual IRC, MIRC, Etc.)
  • Compression/Backup: (PKZip (DOS and Windows), WinZip, RAR, WinRAR, ARJ, LHA, Etc.)
  • Miscellaneous: (Microsoft Power Point, Maple, VI, Etc.)
  • Etc. (There are too many to list...)


Available upon request...

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