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DOS Real-Time Graphics

These are examples of my real-time software-rendered graphics programming. All coding was done in Borland Turbo Pascal in MS-DOS. All effects are coded in mode 13h (320x200x256). This is all self-taught.

A note about mode 13h: As this mode is now outdated, many forget about the problems and restrictions of this mode:

  1. First of all, the 320 pixels wide by 200 pixel high resolution is not square (320x240 would be square).

  2. Secondly, the color range is only a 256 color palette out of a choice of 262,144 possible colors. This makes it extremely difficult to have shaded textures, as only one shade of a texture should use up the majority of this palette. You can probably remember the problems id Software had with this restriction with DOOM and DOOM 2, and their solution was one of the best there is.

  3. Thirdly, there is only one video page of memory. This makes page flipping more intensive than necessary. Instead of changing a 4 byte pointer to display the already-rendered page, it's necessary to copy all 64,000 bytes of the rendered frame from CPU RAM into video RAM for every frame of the animation.

  4. Last, but not least, this is a software mode. There is no hardware acceleration involved. Every pixel rendered has to be individually instructed to be plotted on the screen. Also, along with hardware acceleration came software API support. There is no software API support in this mode either. This means that you had to understand 3D graphics and algorithms to program in mode 13h. Directx and opengl now handle all the complexities of 3D graphics for you.

Real-Time Wire Mesh

Line Tunnel

Real-Time Polygon

Polygon Tunnel

Polygon Glenz

Flat Shading

Flat Shading / Specular Highlights

Plasma Polygon

Object Wave (Flat Shading)

Real-Time Gouraud

Gouraud Texture Mapping / Plasma Texture

Gouraud Shading

Screen Drop

Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping

Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping

Flat Shading / Gouraud Texture Mapping

Real-time Blur Motion

Blur Motion

Blur Drop

Real-time Demo Effects

Spinning Cloud (Particle System / Texture Blur)

Texture Plasma

Texture Blur

Simple Texture Plasma

Texture Blur / Gouraud Texture Mapping

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