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3D Graphics:
DOS 13h
3D Studio MAX

Other Interests:
Artificial Intelligence
Music Composition
Web Utilities

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Xona Games
- Domain Hacks
- Duality ZF
- Score Rush
- Decimation X

Jason Doucette
Genesta Doucette

Artificial Intelligence

These are examples of my artificial intelligence programming. The Othello program (and anything else I may put on this page) is self-taught. The COMP 3653 course I did it for did not teach artificial intelligence.

Wipeout - Othello / Reversi Game

The main goal of the WipeOut project was to create the strongest Othello playing computer program within the time constraints. WipeOut was designed, tested, and implemented over a time period of only 30 hours for my Comp 3653 Software Engineering course at Acadia University, including the research of the game Othello, the design of the 30 hour schedule, and the 2,000 word written report. It is important to stress that Comp 3653 Software Engineering taught nothing in the field of AI.

Your Move

17 Possible Moves For White

Perfect Play By White Wins 28

Game Over; White Wins By 28

Download: ZIP: WipeOut (29 KB)
Download: DOC: WipeOut 2,000 Word Report (502 KB)
Download: TXT: WipeOut Full Turbo Pascal Source (94 KB)
(WipeOut source does not include any units, some of which are my own.)

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